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Me & My Gori
pictured muffler, bearings, guards replaced with One Industries plastics- part of Aceuces Plastics, the original supplier. (more below)
I have restored an MR 250 purchased from local buy/ sell paper the Trade and Exchange. I had never heard of the name Motogori before this time. Soon after I wished I never had, only because this bike had been abused and not maintained, leaving me problem after problem to find. The bike was left in the corner of the shed for about 5 years. But, knowing a little about motorcycles and being interested in something different, I didn't want to leave it there forever; so I decided to completely restore the Gori. I completed the restoration in June 2002. The bike was completely stripped down, all painted parts powder coated including the frame, crank and cases etc... Most of the nuts and bolts in the chassis were replaced; all the cap screws in the engine were first coated with gold pacified zinc which is the original coating used by the factory and then reused. Any chrome parts were rechromed and reused, such as the kick start, gear lever and engine mounts. The expansion chamber was nickel-plated, originally this would have been painted black. Nickel plating keeps it protected and looks cool. The muffler was also replaced with an alloy arrow muffler made in Italy, which is lighter and quieter than the original. I like the idea of keeping the bike as original as possible but am not fanatical about it. All the bearings in the chassis and engine were replaced and are originally German SKF bearings; I have used the same. The engine, though not being maintained and over 20 years old, only needed a con-rod kit, a piston kit, rotary disc valve and clutch plates. Bearings were changed as a matter of course. The 250 Rotax motors were fitted with either Dell'orto or Bing carburettors; the Dell'orto having a good reputation, the Bing not so good. My motor was fitted with a Bing 32mm carburettor, which was worn in the slide, again not being fanatical about originality. Also being interested in more power, I fitted a 34mm round slide Mikuni carburettor tuned to suit the Rotax motor, giving the bike 8 more horse power at the back wheel; I was very impressed with this and the bike starts and carburates well. At some stage the MR 250 was fitted with a front disc brake. I may put a drum brake back on, but the disc works well so this is not a real concern. I also fitted a new foam Holland air filter same as used on a DR600 Suzuki; this filter is the right size and fits straight in to the original airbox setup. The only thing that needed to be done was to silicone up the small hole which is a part of the Suzuki fitting.


Every time I ride the Gori it is now a very enjoyable experience. The first long ride I had participated in was an organised trail ride at Santoft Forest. This is quite a long hard ride, but the Gori went well needing only some carburettor adjustment. The fork gaiters were removed, replaced by dust covers; I also noticed some small dents in the expansion chamber so have fitted an armadillo pipe guard. Some of the starting problems were caused by water getting into the magneto, which was well sealed with gasket compound. Since then it was dried out, cleaned, gasket fitted and gasket compound: problem solved (Originally these motors have no gaskets). Other than these minor adjustments the bike performed faultlessly.


The bike just after restoration; also below.

Author on left; The restoration was greatly helped by Pete Sales of Total Motorcycles, Palmerston North (right). Pete completed all motor work and tuning; a legend in his own lifetime- thanks Pete!

Q the Gori dog

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