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My Gori was fitted with a 32 mm round slide Bing carburettor which was worn in the body and/ or slide, so I fitted a 34 mm Mikuni carburettor with no modifications to the crank case. The Mikuni carb fitted straight into the rubber inlet manifold; the only thing I had to get made up was the aluminium sleeve to go into the airbox rubber. (I may have found the sleeve from the Bing would have fit but chose to have one made to spec).

Carburettor specifications:
  • 34 mm VM round slide Mikuni ( originally fitted to an early 80s PE 175 Suzuki; as previously stated, must be jetted according to these specs to suit the 250 motor )
  • Needle & seat 3.3
  • Main Jet 2.30
  • Needle Jet Q-8
  • Needle 6DP17
  • Pilot Jet 3.5
  • Slide cutaway 2.5
  • Air screw 1.5 turns out

With the Mikuni carb jetted up, the motor made 8 more horsepower on the dyno. Awesome!!!

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