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  Gori 1969 - 83
(Gori, Moto Gori, Go-Motor, SWM;1969- 83/ 85)

Founded by Giancarlo Gori, the company was mainly known for its off-road bikes, but also produced children's models and a couple of very sporting 125s- a pukka racer and a super sports roadster.

The racer, which used a specially tuned Sachs six-speed unit, was particularly successful in hill-climb events, with Guido Valli becoming italian hill-climb champion in 1974 and 1975 on his 125 Gori. The company also offered a customer version of this machine. Its specifications included: 123.6cc (54x54mm), 13:1 compression ratio, 34mm Bing carb, Motoplat ignition, Marzocchi suspension, 170mm Fontana front brake and was capable of 185 km/h (113 mph). Maximum power was 24.8 bhp at 11,000 rpm.

Gori also produced a small number of the 125cc Sport Valli Replica during 1975-76. This used the same (very slightly detuned) six-speed Sachs engine, but had a full fairing, twin front discs, cast alloy wheels and sharp styling. Although barely road legal it was at the time the quickest 125cc street bike in Italy, with a claimed maximum of 92 mph.

The Rotax motors used in most of the off-road bikes were then tuned by SWM. If it seems a strange situation that SWM should provide motors to a competitor then it should be remembered that Signor Sironi who owns SWM also has a half share in Moto Gori along with the company's founder Giancarlo Gori.

They made a number of off-road models including a 125 motorcross bike in 1970, and Enduro and trials bikes..They used either German Sachs or Austrian Rotax motors. This Enduro range began in 1979 with a 250cc prototype, a year before the bike went into production. One of the first models was an MR 250 in 1980; followed by a TR 250 in 1981 and at some stage an MR 500 although I have been unable to find any information on this model.

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